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1. BSA B.40 350 - Motorcycle USA
Motorcycle USAs favorite Brit recalls with harsh clarity the BSA B.40 350 a British motorbike surely fitting the definition of a memorable motorcycles.
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2. BSA B40 Motorcycle
The BSA B40 entered service with the British Army in 1965, replacing the BSA M20's and Matchless GL3's. The B40 was a modern motorcycle in its day and was used for convoy control, messenger services and the carriage of small stores.
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3. BSA WD B40
The ethos of this website is simple and replicates my own ownership and restoration principles of my collection. Preserve the bikes in as near original WD trim as is possible. Save this model from being “broken up” to meet the needs of Pre 65 trials. Keep them in regular use. Maintain a spares stock to keep these vehicles on the roads for years to come. Foster an appreciation of this model with fellow enthusiasts. Share information, experience and technical data.
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4. Project Bsa B40
Well, went to see a lady about this bike she had in her back yard for a number of years, she didnt know alot, she said "its a bsa, and its rusty" Sadly it wasnt a goldstar, i half expected it to be a bantam, but instead it was a 1963 bsa b40 (350)
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