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Vintage and Veteran Excelsior Motorcycles

1. Excelsior Cycles
The first American-built Excelsior motorcycles appeared in 1907. Produced by the Excelsior Supply Company of Randolph Street, Chicago, the new 3.25hp Excelsior Auto-Cycle had a vertically mounted a.i.v. engine of 26.74cu. in. (438cc).
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2. Excelsior-Henderson bankruptcy
The recent bankruptcy of Minnesota's Excelsior-Henderson Co., a motorcycle manufacturer whose start-up was subsidized by state and local governments, has again raised the issue of the wisdom of those financial supports. The editorials in this issue look at two sides of the subsidy coin.
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3. Statnekov Motorcycles: 1915 Excelsior
1915 Excelsior, Big-Valve "X" factory board track racer
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