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Classic and Vintage Italian Motorcycles

1. Ferrari Motorcycle Concept
The case in point this month is a design for a Ferrari motorcycle, utilizing half an 'Enzo' V-8 motor in an extended chassis with conventional-ish suspension front and rear.
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Glinik 2008
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3. Ferrari Motorcycles
Ferrari motorcycles - images and information
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4. Ferrari Motorcycles - Image Gallery
Ferrari Motorcycles - Image Gallery of Classic Italian Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU.
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5. Ferrari Sport Lusso 150
Gallery by Richard Doody at 1953 Ferrari Sport Lusso 150
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The Vintagent: Enzo Ferrari rarely spoke or wrote about his motorcycle racing team after building his own cars, and rumors have swirled for years, given the rarity of published accounts of the team. It is probably his skill at team management and talent spotting which made the team so successful.
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