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Grindlay-Peerless Motorcycles - Made in England. Forum posts, images, technical data and resources

1. Grindlay Peerless 1927 O2 sports 350 cc
This particular model is in unrestored condition and equipped with Bosch magdyno and three speed gearbox
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2. Grindlay-Peerless 1924 1000cc V-Twin
The latest restoration to join the Sammy Miller Museum is a really unusual sleeve-valve vee-twin from the 1920s... Some vintage motorcycles become rare simply as a function of age – 80 or 90 years after they were built there simply aren’t many survivors so the ones which are left collect a certain kudos. But other old bikes feature fascinating engineering which made them interesting in their own right when they were new. Surviving into another century makes them real rarities.
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3. Grindlay-Peerless gracesguide
Grindlay-Peerless were motorcycles produced from 1923 to 1934, in Shakleton Road, Coventry. Company formed by Alfred Robert Grindlay and Edward Peerle...
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4. Grindlay-Peerless Motorcycles
Vintage & Antique Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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5. Grindlay-Peerless-JAP 1929 Tops Bonhams
2012 Bonhams Autumn Stafford SaleAn extremely rare racing motorcycle from the 1920s that lapped the famous Brooklands race circuit at over 100mph was one of the top lots at the Bon
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6. The 1929 Grindlay-Peerless JAP 500cc
Megadeluxe Rare Brooklands racing motorcycle from Bonhams. One of only two of its kind known to have survive lapped Brooklands at over 100mph in 1937. An amazing feat, especially when you see old photos of Brookland where every vehicle seems to be off the ground.
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