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21. Higgs Platinum Speedway 4 valver
Steve writes... here are two pics of a Higgs platinum plated bike in West Australia, with a JAP engine. It's a 4 valver with a Street head on it, turned around the other way so that the chain drive is on the oil pump side. Higgs designed some form of gadget with a gear to turn the chain(?) up top. Interesting idea huh?
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22. Highland Motorcycles
Highland - Contemporary Swedish Large Capacity V-Twin Offroad Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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23. Hirano 1965
YouTube - hirano popet, scooter, japanese scooter, very rare, 1965, restored by henri peter at
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24. Hirondelle 1914 Legere 332cc
Yesterdays The Hirondelle ( “Swallow”, pointing to a light, swift and agile machine! ) was related to the Deronziere machines that were made in Lyon from 1907 till 1920. Typical feature is the belt adjusting system that can be operated by the left handlebar grip. Ignition by a very trustworthy Bosch magneto. Direct belt drive to the rear wheel, as was customary with many machines at that time.
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25. Hirondelle dans la Loire
Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire Side car année 1914 Modèle 3HP 335 centimètre cube année 1914 3Hp 1914 Une photo du livre de Mr Bourdache montre la même machine avec un militaire Type B - 100 moteur Aubier Dunne C et D Apparaît en 1931 et serat vendu jusqu'en 1933 voir après
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26. Hirondelle Motorcycles
Classic French Motorcycles of the interwar and early postwar years Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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27. Hobart McKenzie 169cc 2-stroke
1923 Hobart McKenzie 169cc 2-stroke 'suitable for lady or gentleman' The McKenzie is an attractive machine. I particularly like unusual the design of the frame. It was not manufactured for long - b...
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28. Hoffmann Motorcycles & Scooters
Hoffmann motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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29. HRD Motorcycles
The company was founded by Howard Raymond Davies, who used his initials for the name 'H.R.D.' He was a former tester, and competition rider for Sunbeam, a former competition rider for A.J.S., and a well known, and successful motorcycle racer.
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30. Humber 1922 600cc
Yesterdays In 1920 a new flat twin is introduced, it actually is an updated version of the old 3 ½ HP model. It is meant both for solo and sidecar work and is a refined and beautifully constructed machine. It is very quiet and flexible and Humber refers to it as “The Silent Humber”. The model is listed for two years, after 1923 till the end of motorcycle production in 1930 Humber is to produce machines in the 350 cc class only.
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31. Hunter
Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire Fondée en 1903 Pitaval, Vial, Valla constructeurs 122 Rue d’Annonay Cycles 1906 Rachat par Langénieux Adhère à la chambre syndicale de Saint Etienne de 1906 à 1932...
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32. Hurley-Pugh Owners and Enthusiasts Club
Detailed information on the history of a rare British classic, with articles from The Fettler and maintenance tips.
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33. Hurtu Cyclomoteurs
Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire Type Cvm 52, 2 vitesses année 1952 Modèle à moteur 98 Sachs présenté au salon de Paris 1952 Modèle moteur Nervor 125 présenté au salon de paris 1952
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34. Husqvarna 1927 model 180
Yesterdays At the time American V-twins were very popular sellers in Sweden, so it is no coincidence that the general layout of the model 180 bears a certain resemblance to the famous Indian Scout of the period; the carburettor fitted is an American Schebler, quite rarely seen on a European motorcycle.
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35. Husqvarna Cornette 1961
YouTube - En film om en Cornette som fick ett bättre hem. Den köptes 11 juli 2009 och renoverades under hösten. Den blev körbar i början på november och filmen visar hur den såg ut som nästan klar, 6/12-2009. Några saker återstår: - Drivningen till hastighetsmätaren (högermonterad) - Kickarmens returfjäder - Avgaskröken som saknar krom och är ful.
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