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Classic Motorcycles K: Kerry, Koehler Escoffier, Kreidler and more

Koehler Escoffier
1. Kenilworth 1921 144cc
Yesterdays - several images
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2. Kerry Motorcycles
Kerry Motorcycles - Classic British Bikes from Sheldon's EMU
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3. Kieft Scooters and Mopeds
Successful industrialist, racing car builder, and motor racing enthusiast, Cyril Kieft, who founded Kieft Cars Limited, at Reliance Works, Derry Street, Wolverhampton, sold Kieft motor scooters and mopeds from 1955 until 1957.
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4. Killinger & Freund Motorcycles
Killinger & Freund motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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5. Killinger & Freund Motorcycles - Image Gallery
Killinger & Freund Motorcycles - Image Gallery of Classic German Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU.
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6. Kirk and Merifield
GRACE'S GUIDE Kirk and Merifield, makers of bicycles, of Bradford Street, Birmingham, 1893 The firm of Kirk and Merifield started out in 1893 making cycles. 1913 St... 1915 Kirmer motorcycles produced were from 1915 to 1917. The Kirmer name was also used for machines sold in Australia, where they were fitted with the Precision engine and a Burman two-speed gearbox.
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Under the brand Kofa machines were 289 cm 3 cylinder two-stroke engines produced in a triangular tube frame.
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8. Ktema dans la Loire
- Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire 1950 à St Etienne Construit des cadres pour moteurs Briban, Martinet, Mistral, Poulain, Vap 1958 cycles
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9. Kurogane Motor Tricycle
Motor Tricycle (Kurogane) « Catalog of Enemy Ordnance The motor tricycle has been developed as a commercial freight carrier in Japan since 1930. Many commercial versions exist, with engines ranging from 350 cc to 1,000 cc displacement.
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10. Robert M. Keating
He then turned to motorcycles, and came up with his most famous invention. Keating's motorcycle later gained fame as the Indy model, America's first truly popular motorcycle. In 1902, Keating organized the R. M. Keating Company, which was based in Portland, Maine. He also manufactured bicycles in Springfield and in Middletown, Conn.
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