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Vintage British motorcycles made in England

1. 1910 Singer Vin and Vet
- Motorcycles For Sale - 1910 Singer sleeping in a barn since 1921
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2. Flickr: The Singer motorcycles Pool
Established by George Singer in 1875, Coventry based Singer was a pioneer in the bicycle industry, and in 1901 began manufacturer of motorised three wheelers, soon followed by Perks & Birch motorwheels or Power Wheels which were fitted to bicycles. In 1904 they began to build a range of motorcycles which eventually included 346cc twostrokes and, from 1911, side valve models from 299cc to 535cc. Singer built many of their own components. Production of three wheelers was shelved in favour of 4 wheel cars in 1907, and they ceased building motorcycles at the onset of hostilities in 1914. Singer also manufactured automobiles, beginning in 1905 with a design licenced by Lea Francis and finally ceased manufacture in 1970. Please feel free to post your pictures and comments. Flash
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3. Singer - The National Motorcycle Museum
singer manufactured by singer in 1902. See more classic motorcycles at the National Motorcycle Museum.
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4. Singer Motorcycle History
1900 Started by offering a 222cc four-stroke single (the engine design was bought from Perks and Birch, formed by former employee Edwin Perks, and Frank Birch). Used in the Motor Wheel.
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5. Singer Motorcycles
Vintage & Veteran from Sheldon's EMU
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6. Singer Motorcycles - Image Gallery
Singer Pictures - Image Gallery of Classic English Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU.
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7. Singer: Motorcycles
Note: This is a sub-section of Singer 1900 Started by offering a 222cc four-stroke single (the engine design was bought from Perks and Birch, formed b... 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of motorcycles see the 1917 Red Book 1914 Late that year, a two-stroke, two-speed, chain-cum-belt driven model, built under Peco patents, was added. It also had Druid forks and foot-boards. 1915 That range continued for a short time but World War I brought production to a close, and after the was was over the company's attention returned to cars.
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