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Vintage Sparta Motorcycles made in Netherlands

1. Sparta 1937 Sachs 98cc
Yesterdays - several quality images
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2. Sparta motorclub NL
... owners of a motor Sparta (or sometimes a scooter) in Belgium, Indonesia, Sweden, Thailand, Malta, Portugal, the United States, Britain, Germany and South Africa. Meanwhile, sales of mopeds steadily and thus the development of some models. 1965 is the peak of the moped production, up 47,000 units leaving the factory, which currently employs 380 people. The moped production then began to drop due to the increasing interest of a large proportion of the population in a four-wheeled, covered transport. The introduction of the helmet requirement in 1974 was the final blow for the moped, which still made until 1984.
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3. Sparta Motorcycles
Sparta motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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4. Sparta Motorcycles at
The Sparta company fist commenced operations at Apeldoorn in 1931 and produced 100cc autocycles with Sachs engines. Followed soon afte
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