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Wards Riverside Motorcycles made by Benelli and marketed in the United States by Wards

1. Montgomery Wards
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2. Wards Riverside 1962
I just got this gem and was wondering if anyone could help me with establishing the year. The guy who sold it to me said it was a ‘56, but I can’t find any records that they were made that year. Got all the parts just unsure of the year. Even the owner’s manual doesn’t have a year. Benellis were merged with Motobi in 1965, same time as Giovanni Benelli signed with Larry Wise of Cosmopolitan as US distributers to sell the Fireball, Cobra and Sprite. Fireball still have the pressed back end but tube front and top tank.
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3. Wards Riverside Cycles Yahoo Group
Group dedicated to Motorcycles, Mini-bikes, Mopeds, and Scooters sold by Montgomery Ward and more specifically Wards Riverside during the 1950's and 1960's. This is not only a place where memories and motorcycles meet but also where people with cool old cycles can BS about carbs and exhaust pipes.
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4. Wards Riverside Motorcycles and Scooters
Wards Riverside - 50s and 60s American Assembled Motorcycles and Scooters from Sheldon's EMU
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