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Welbike Parachute Bikes of WWII

1. Le Parascooter ou Welbike Excelsior
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2. My Welbike
My Welbike (aka Mowgli) Below is the replica Welbike that I own. It was hand-made by a friend of mine: think of it as a tiny customized chopper like you see the guys on TV make. The engine is a Chinese-built copy of a Honda Z50 which makes it go plenty fast. The handlebars fold down and the seat compresses so it fits in the back of my Honda Civic. However, this engine is taller than the original Villiers, so this will never fit inside an original 13 inch drop canister.
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3. Welbike
Images of the WWII Commando bike
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4. Welbike at Wikipedia
The Welbike was a small British single-seat motorcycle devised during World War Two at Station IX - the Inter Services Research Bureau ...
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5. Welbike Parascooters
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