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Strange and Unusual Motorcycles - Weird & Wonderful Creations from Curious to Steam Punk, Renegade and Ratbike

1. Dodge Tomahawk Concept Motorcycle
2003 Dodge Tomahawk Concept Motorcycle - many images
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2. Gary's Farmer Chopper
My "Farmers Chopper" made from 2 old bike frames and a riding lawnmower 17.5hp Briggs. Gary
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3. Raketenmänner - Rocket Powered Cars & Motorcycles
ca 1925 - 1930 found on German soil instead spectacular Raktentestfahrten. Unfortunately I have very little information about these brave pilots.
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4. Rocket Bike
A rocket-powered bicycle... photos of a 1931 rocket-powered cyclemotor The intrepid cyclemotorist in the photo was only slightly injured when, at a speed of 90km/h, he was thrown from the track & his cycle exploded.
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5. Wolseley Gyrocar
From the believe it or not dept. Related info possibly the Schilovsky Gyrocar.
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