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Inside the Cucciolo - How to get there and what to do when you arrive! Ducati Cucciolo cyclemotors


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Date Listed: 14 Apr 2005

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By: wouter a. van der vet
I made a dream of my youth come true: I restored the wreck of an extremely rare 1952 "Hagen Cucciolo" to it's original state 1n 1997. The engine was restored to original specs by a Ducati specialist,by the name of Charl de Heer, who became a very special friend. He raced a vintage 60 cc Sports Cucciolo, and was a fanatic Cucciolo enthousiast all his life. He sadly died of a heart condition in 2003, a loss I still feel keenly whenever I ride my bike, e.g. to Classic shows like the internationally known Vehikel at Utrecht or the NVT at Woerden, Holland. With him also vanished a unique and irreplacable knowledge of the Cucciolo.
I found your article in febr. 2005 by searching the web for anything related to the Cucciolo, something I regularly do. Your article is very important to me because it is the only useful source of information I have found so far which deals with the insides of the Cucciolo, and it helps me to maintain and service my engine. I am most grateful you shared your knowledge in this way, and I give it top ratings.
Date: 12 Jun 2005

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Inside the Cucciolo
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