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2005 Honda CBR600RR - First Ride

2005 Honda CBR600RR - First Ride -


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Date Listed: 4 Jan 2005

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By: Daan Van Rampelberg
Hi, just bought the silver 05 600rr
Love it but only have fourty miles on it so i can only imagine after i broke it in.
Date: 12 Apr 2005

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By: Jay
just bought this bike a few weeks ago, and havenít had much time on her; just 75 miles so far. But, Iíve been riding motorcycles for years, and have had plenty of time to go over her head to toe.
First off, the revamps for 2005 are outstanding. The powerband is much more linear than the previous model. You always have plenty of torque and horsepower at practically any engine speed. Despite what anyone says, this is NO beginnerís bike! The myth of 600ís being your first bike is over and done with; at least when dealing with the new Yamahas, Hondas, and Kawasakis. This is plenty of bike for 98% of you out there. The overall styling is great; for only the second time in history (in my opinion) this sports bike has the perfect flow and appearance without ďstupidĒ obstructions and designs (The new R1ís share that honor as well). The seat is large and flat, but could use another Ĺ inch of padding. The center-up exhaust is beautiful, not to mention functional. The sound of the exhaust and engine are the most perfect blend of aggression Iíve ever heard in a sportsbike; a real winner! No reason to swap out this exhaust with an aftermarket (unless you're on the path to ultimate horsepower of course). I havenít gotten anywhere near the 15,000 RPM redline (breaking her in like a good rider), but 8,000 alone was enough to make every head anywhere near me turn in complete awe. The handlebars are in perfect placement. Riding discomfort is minimal as compared to the others; it is a sportsbike after all. For all you cruiser riders-gone-sportbike, give it a few hundred miles to get used to the new riding position before you moan and groan. The bike is very inviting to an aggressive riding position when itís called for. You comfortably slide back to the rear cowl, you lower your head, and your arms fall very comfortably in a controlling position.

The inverted fork gives you that added feeling of confidence. Although the overall weight is not very light as compared to the competition, the bike has the best feel of solidity and tossability of all the 600ís I tested. It feels solid, flickable, and in control. Braking is beyond acceptable; itís too good. If you grab that front brake aggressively, you better be holding on for dear life or youíre going over the top. Usual Honda fit and finish from head to toe; I didnít spot an ounce of cheapness. The gearbox is crisp and dependable; another Honda usual. The clutch feels a little tight to pull, but Iím sure itís just because itís new. The instrument panel is modern and functional; the LCD gas gauge is a great plus. Throttle response is amazing thanks to the remapping of the injectors by the geniuses at Honda. The perils Honda faced in the past few years of flat spots and weak midrange power have been demolished.

Iíve been riding for 9 years, and Iíve test-ridden the following 600ís Ė 2005 Yamaha, 2004 Kawasaki, and 2004 Suzuki. I chose the Honda after careful deliberation because she is the most street-worthy 600 of them all. Not the fastest, not the lightest, but definitely the best overall bike. Honda quality, amazing refinements, comfort, and styling. Finally, the first sportsbike that has everything I want! Highly Recommended!

Date: 12 Mar 2005

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2005 Honda CBR600RR - First Ride
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