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1. Spark plugs UK (Featured)
Champion, Denso, NGK spark plugs and Magnecor leads... we carry large stocks and can usually ship on the day of your order. Sparkplugs Limited is the original and without doubt the most experienced online UK retailer of Champion and NGK spark plugs and glow plugs, Denso Spark plugs, Beru glow plugs, plug related Sealey and Raceline tools and NGK and Champion sparkplug caps - all at discounted prices. We also supply Magnecor performance ignition leads (HT Leads). Amongst our product ranges are NGK Oxygen (Lambda) sensors, Champion aviation spark plugs, Denso Iridium Power and NGK Iridium IX, race series plugs and also some 'hard to find' and vintage parts.
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NGK spark plugs, Bosch spark plugs for high performance engines at wholesale prices. Cars, motorcycles, snow mobiles and marine engines rely on their leadership. Spark Plugs - NGK Spark Plugs - BOSCH Spark Plugs - DENSO Spark Plugs - Splitfire Spark Plugs - KYB Shocks & Struts - K&N Air Filters & Oil Filters
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3. NGK Sparkplugs
We stock every Sparkplug, Ignition Wire Set and Oxygen Sensor made by NGK for automotive, motorcycle, industrial, marine, truck and lawn and garden applications
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4. Plug Types for British Motorcycles
We have had good results with NGK plugs and some suggested types for popular machines are listed below. The NGK plugs have a good heat range so the suggested grade will usually perform well for most normal riding. If you have a modified motor or you are competition riding the suggested type can be a good starting point to find the best grade of plug. Use the gap recommended in your machines handbook. If you don't know the recommended gap, 0.020" (0.5 mm) is a good starting point. A large gap is not necessary unless you have plug fouling problems.
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5. read spark plugs and select them
reprinted from Cycle Magazine, October 1977 - by Gordon Jennings.
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6. Silverstone Cross Reference
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7. Spark Plugs Fulvia crossreference
Below is a list of spark plugs taken from the Fulvia Technical Data Manual. This original Lancia list gives the type numbers for the Champion, Bosch, Lodge and Marelli types.
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8. The Green Spark Plug Co
Spark Plugs & Accessories for Veteran, Vintage and Classic engines. The Green Spark Plug Co. has vast stocks of period plugs and/or their modern equivalents. How Spark Plugs Work Spark Plug Construction Spark Plug Terms & Variants Fault Diagnosis Gap Settings Tightening Torque Heat Range Installation Instructions Manufacturers Code
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