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1. Cafe Racers by Mike Clay
Book review: Cafe Racers by Mike Clay by Mike Clay Published in 1988 by Osprey Automotive, London Hardcover; Dimensions: 8" x 11" (20.5x28 cm) ISBN 0850456770
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2. Following The Yellow Line
A 50,000 mile, two year journey across America on a Gold Wing and sidecar to meet new folks and see new places.
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3. Girl on a motorbike
Based on the True story of a British female's motorcycling adventures in England and USA. An intense read sprinkled with laughter. Hang on to your helmets.
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4. Modern Motorcycle Mechanics
Nicholson ... went on to revise his book six times, with editions appearing in 1945, 1948, 1953, 1965, 1969 and the final and seventh in 1974
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5. Steppedoff
I was away from Carol on a short motorbiking holiday with some friends for what should of only been three days, this was the first time Carol and I had been apart since we were married, it was several weeks later until I saw Carol again. The morning of July 14th 2000 was like any other morning on holiday, I felt fine and nothing seamed out of place. I was looking forward to the ride home. It was mid August 2000, when I awoke from my coma and I realised that something terrible must of happened.
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6. Ted Simon Jupiter's Travels
Interview with Ted Simon, globetrotting author of Jupiter's Travels, Riding High and Dreaming of Jupiter.
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7. The Motorcycle Handbook
The Motorcycle Handbook - An A-Z Reference Encyclopedia Of Over-The-Shoulder Advice On Common Problems, Troubleshooting, Repairs, Bodywork, Street Survival And Much More... Including Money-Saving Tips And Tricks You Could Spend A Long Time Learning!!!
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8. Under Asian Skies
This is the new adventure motorcycle travel book from Sam Manicom - released Nov 2007 Ted Simon say UAS is a 'unique and wonderful adventure'
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