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Goggomobile Dart, Goggo Scooters

1. GLAS Automobil Club International e.V.
Here you can experience the exciting story of an innovative small car company in Dingolfing, Germany just 60 miles north-east of Munich. In just 12 years, this company developed a complete range of products, ranging from the small Goggomobil cars, the 04-series, which won in 1965 with the 1304 TS the German Touring Car Championship, continued with the beautiful GLAS 1300 GT and 1700 GT up to the eight-cylinder GLAS 3000 V8 luxury coupe. The first prototypes of the Goggo scooter showed up in the beginning of 1951. Production started in July of 1951, even though completely new production facilities had to be built. Besides the conventional scooter a version with a sidecar was also offered.
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2. Glas-Goggo Scooters
Glas-Goggo Motorollers from Germany - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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3. Goggo and Goggomobile Image Gallery
Goggo and Goggomobile - Image Gallery of Classic German Vehicles from Sheldon's EMU.
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4. Goggomobil
The Goggomobil in Australia. Their Australian history in summary, is that they were assembled by Buckle Motors in Sydney, but fitted with a Fibreglas body. Buckle Motors were in the 50's producing a fibreglass sports coupe which was powered by a Ford Zephyr 2553cc engine. These bodies were of a very high quality.
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