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1. Aluminium Finishing UK
Hard, Soft, Colour, Decorative Anodising - AS9100 Accredited - Powder Coating, Electro-Polishing and Hand Polishing
8 Seagull Lane Emsworth Hampshire PO10 7QH Factory Units Aluminium Finishing 2-4, Seagull Lane Emsworth Hampshire PO10 7QH Phone: Tel: 01243 373013
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2. Hard Anodising UK
Facilities exist for analysis using an Automatic Titrator with computer recording, Vickers Micro Hardness Testing, Taber Abraser and SUGA testing for measuring film wear characteristics...
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3. Metro Engineering and Plating Works Ltd
Metro Engineering & Plating Ltd, based in Uxbridge Middlesex, offer anodising and alocrom finishing services to industry including the aerospace, motorsport, marine & medical sectors.
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4. Mettec
Mettec Makers of quality Titanium Fasteners, Motorsports Products, and Motorcycle Accessories. Mettec's mission in life is to produce light weight components/ parts from metallurgical complex alloys.
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5. Staffs England
Stainless exhausts, fasteners and braking components Staffordshire UK
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6. Specialised Gentle Blasting of Alloy Engine Components
We use a unique wetblast system that was developed and is used by one of the world's leading aircraft engine manafacturers, there is NO CHANGE TO DETAIL or dimensions and components will not fingerprint and corrode, see website for details and photos.
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