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21. Spoke length calculator
Ever found yourself with a rim and a hub, but no idea what length spokes you will use to join them together? Each time I dismantled a veteran wheel, I would dutifully record all the appropriate measurements, so that after a few years I had gathered a good database of wheel info and spoke lengths....
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22. Super-Tuning Amal “Concentric” Carburetors and intake systems for classic British motorcycles
Amal Tuning Book: how to install and adjust Concentric carburetors on classic British bikes such as Triumph Bonneville, BSA Lightning Rocket, Norton Commando
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23. The Digital Garage
... an eclectic, Seattle-based computer services business specializing in web site design and content development for the vintage motor enthusiast.
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24. The Master Strategy Group
Numerous diverse motorcycle tips and tricks. Includes GoldWing 1800 Wiring Diagrams.
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25. The Motorcycle Project
Celebrating Common, Old Motorcycles in an Uncommon, Thoughtful Way
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26. The Smokin Diagrams
Wiring schematics, engine diagrams, specifications, manual pages and more for: BMW Douglas Ducati Harley_Davidson Honda Jawa Kawasaki Moto Morini Moto_Guzzi Newtronic Norton Snowmobiles Suzuki Triumph Velocette Yamaha Zundapp
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27. Whitworth History
In the 19th Century every British factory which needed to bolt something to something else devised their own fasteners to do it. Clearly, this caused all sorts of compatibility problems. So, along came Mr. Whitworth (I forget his first name right now) who invented a standardized system of coarse threads (with 55 degree thread angle and rounded roots and crests).
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