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Classic Japanese Two-strokes from the 1960s

1. BOGUS (Bridgestone Owners Group, Uusimaa, Suomi) homepage
As the other member of this group I am proud to announce being the first ever to actually ride a Bridgestone in Finland. Almost around the block. Only one cylinder firing, but no other Bridgestone rider (that means you, Terho) has done that in this county.
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2. Bridgestone 350cc RoadRacer
1969 Bridgestone 350cc RoadRacer owned by Albert Lilley of Canada
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3. Bridgestone at Micapeak
The BS Registry (one of a bunch of Registries at is a resource for owners of, and motorcyclists interested in, the Bridgestone motorcycles. It contains information about mileage, accessories, modifications, problems & fixes, owner's email addresses, photos, etc.
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4. Bridgestone Frame and Engine Serial Numbers
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5. Bridgestone GTO - Review
Memorable Motorcycles: Bridgestone GTO -
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6. Bridgestone Motorcycles
While many of today's motorcyclists learned to ride on a Bridgestone, the bikes themselves are now fairly uncommon, though not extremely rare. These WWW pages, established Aug 1995, are an archive of information about Bridgestone motorcycles.
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7. Bridgestone SR175 Twin 1967
The SR175 was a hand assembled factory racer, with features like dual rotary valves, polished ports, stuffed crank and a tube steel frame. Quarter mile performance was listed on the brochure as 15.3 seconds – fast!
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8. Richard's Relics Bridgestone motorcycle parts
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9. Road Racing, Bridgestone Motorcycles.
Soon a man sold me a used Bridgestone 175 street bike. Taking the Honda road racer as well as the Bridgestone as a pit bike to the Gainesville track, I entered the heat races. The Honda ate a valve so I entered my "pit bike". I took a third place trophy, that race, on a stock bike. Back at the shop I ordered all the SR (production race parts) from my distributer, Rockford Motors.
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10. Scott's Bridgestone Motorcycles
Bridgestone Motorcycle Information; Service, Restoration, Maintenance, Pictures
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