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Vintage American Motorcycles - Glenn H. Curtiss, Pioneer Aviator and Motorcyclist

1. Curtiss and the Wright Brothers
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2. Curtiss' Motorcycles
Glenn Curtiss' motorcycles: before airplanes
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3. Curtiss, Glenn, 1878-1930
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4. Glenn H. Curtiss
Glenn Hammond Curtiss Of all the famous aviation pioneers who have been honored for their dedication to the dream of manned flight and their genius for making that dream come true, few can match the creativity and determination of Glenn Hammond Curtiss.
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5. San Diego History - Glenn Curtiss photographs
History of San Diego with a timeline, photos, biographies, postcards, stereocards and on-line articles from the Journal of San Diego History. There are over 2000 images here, including sports, streetcars, theaters, amusement parks, breweries and Balboa Park.
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