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Dot Motorcycles of Great Britain - Classic English Two-Strokes

1. DOT archives
My DOT 197cc, with DMW forks. Was a field bike, which lay unused for 26yrs. Photographer: John Ives, 500 x 323 DOT TDHX scrambler & DOT THX trials, both 1955 & 197cc.. Photographer: John Ives, 500 x 298 DOT Trials 250 with Marcelle barrel. Owner unknown. Photographer: John Ives, 500 x 411 Trials DOT, owner unknown. Photographer: John Ives, 500 x 300
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2. Dot at
...derived from the slogan 'Devoid of Trouble' Formed in 1903 by Harry Reed...
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3. DOT Motorcycle Club UK
In 1908 a DOT wins the Isle of Man twin cylinder TT race 2008 is the 100th anniversary of this win.
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4. Dot Motorcycles
Dot - Vintage British Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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5. Dot Motorcycles - Image Gallery
Dot Motorcycle Image Gallery - Classic British Bikes from Sheldon's EMU.
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