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DMW Motorcycles and Scooters of the 1950s and 60s - UK and USA

1. Dayton Albatross Scooter 1955
Red Devil Motors The mighty Dayton Albatross was one of the finer British scooters. It missed the point of a scooter somewhat, but if your taste in scooters veered away from a stylish Italian lightweight and what you really hankered for was a big slab of British small wheeled beef then the Albatross was designed for you. Initially introduced in 1955 with a Villiers 1H 225cc single motor, a couple of years later the 2T 250cc twin engined version was added to the line-up, also under the 'Albatross' moniker.
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2. Dayton Albatross Scooter Project Dayton Albatross Scooter project site - help needed! Any information regarding Dayton Albatross Scooters from the 1950's would be appreciated.
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3. Dayton Albatross | British Scooters
Dayton Albatross scooters were made by the Dayton Cycle Company Ltd. from 1956 to 1960. Their large scooters were aimed at both keen scooterists and motorcycle riders. The first Albatross had an air cooled Villiers 225cc engine with a engine cooling tunnel between the rider’s legs.
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4. Dayton Cycle Co
Dayton built motorcycles and scooters from 1913 to 1922 in Shoreditch, London; then 1939 and 1955 to 1960 in North Acton, London.
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5. Dayton Motorcycles
Dayton, built in Chicago by the Davis Sewing Machine Company, was a short-lived creation, using a proprietary Spacke DeLuxe engine ... of 998cc from 1911-14, initially a single-speeder with pedaling gear and a clutch...
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