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Difazio Hub-Centre-Steering Motorcycles Made in England

1. Custom Ducati TT3 Difazio
Some bikes come with a lot of attitude straight out the factory doors, but even the most interesting and appealing machines can be transformed into pieces of motorcycle art that simply make people gape in awe.
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2. Difazio Hub steering Commando
The bike was registered in Nov 1973 to Andover Norton and was used as a press fleet bike, I have a copy of Motor Cycle Mechanics dated Feb 74 with the roadtest in. Mike Jackson then took it to Jack Difazio in Frome and had it converted to the hub steering system Jack had designed, an link is here Mike rode the bike in the Circuit d'Pyranese in the mid 70's and has some good stories to tell about
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3. Difazio Motorcycles
Classic British Motorcycles of the 1970s. Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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4. Ducati TT3 Difazio 900 SS
With literally hundreds of machines dropping into my inbox every week, it takes something truly special to stop me in my tracks. This is one such machine, a remarkable Ducati 900 SS modified beyond recognition—and with great skill. The builder, Bernard Mont, calls the bike… Read more »
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5. Hub centre Alto Racing
The Design – a brief history. Hub center steering is not new, lets get that clear straight away. The first designs put into production were in the 1920′s and was ironically made for women to use. Normal motorcycles of the time were really only bicycles with engines and so had a cross bar etc… Ladies …
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6. Oldracer Difazio
Oldracer - Blog - Post 3 - The Difazio
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