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IWL motoroller include Pitty, Wiesel, Berlin and Troll

1. Berlin IWL Scooters side by side | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Two shiny, stylish and wonderfully cool Berlin IWL scooters parked next to each other. Taken at a classic car and bike rally in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany.
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2. Campi Scooter Trailers
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3. IWL Berlin scooter
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4. IWL Scooters
IWL - Antique - Classic German Scooters from Sheldon's EMU
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5. IWL Scooters Gallery
IWL Scooters - Images of Classic German Machinery from Sheldon's EMU.
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6. IWL Startseite
Hier gigt es alle wichtigen Informationen rund um Industriewerke Ludwigsfelde und den von dort stammenden Stadt- und Tourenroller Pitty, Wiesel, Berlin, Troll und Campy.
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Alles �ber die Motorroller der Industriewerke Ludwigsfelde (IWL), Pitty, Wiesel, Berlin, Troll und dem Anh�nger Campi
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8. My IWL SR59 Berlin rebuild
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9. Project Heinkel: IWL History
VEB Industriewerke of Ludwigsfeld (IWL) was first established on the southern outskirts of Berlin in 1936 by the Daimler-Benz company to build aircraft engines. Being a military industry, the factory was severely bombed during the Second World War and, as part of German reparations to the USSR, the Soviets dismantled and removed everything that could be salvaged from the damaged factory during the late 40's.
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