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1. P&M 1922 500cc 1 cyl
Yesterdays Quality images of a great combination.
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2. P. Vallee Chantecler 1956
This individualistic designer in the Loire valley was ex-director of a French auto racing team (hence the rooster emblem). He introduced a sporty single seater called Chantecler at the 1952 Salon, having previously introduced an open frame scooter with a big splash at Montlhery in 1949. Well received, the scooter evolved into a "Lastenroller", a three-wheeled transporter with front-mounted platform.
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3. Paglianti Motorcycles
Paglianti - Classic Italian Mopeds, Scooters & Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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4. Paloma Mopeds
Paloma - Classic French Mopeds of the Fifties from Sheldon's EMU
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5. Pamag Motorcycles
Pamag - German Motorcycles of the 1950s from Sheldon's EMU
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6. Parilla 1964 Sport Lusso Corsa 175cc
Yesterdays - several good photos, no text.
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7. Peel Trident
1964 Peel Trident- Isle of Man, UK, 1 Cylinder, two cycle, 49cc displacement ( horsepower) engine, three speed...
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8. Peerless motorcycle The Australian version was built, like my Blue Bird and De Luxe, by A.G. Healing in Melbourne, Victoria. My JAP-powered machine is essentially a sister bike to the Blue Bird, differing only in that it drives through a 3-speed Burman chain-cum-belt gearbox. They are compared in a separate article.
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9. Peerless Motorcycles
Peerless - Veteran British Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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10. Pegaso in the movies Pegaso in movies and TV series
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11. Pen Nib Motorcycles
Herbert William "Bill" Boulton, the father of the well-known transport historian, Jim Boulton, opened a garage in 1919 on the corner of Penn Road and Church Hill, near the Rose and Crown. The building had previously been occupied by the local blacksmith, and was known as 'the old smithy'. He also had a piece of land on the opposite side of Church Hill next to the Rose and Crown.
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12. Perfecta 1902 ca 200cc
Yesterdays Perfecta, a well-known bicycle manufacturer, produced engines for some years around 1900 in the village of Surennes (Seine). The engine and tank unit are attached to a ca.1900 Peugeot bicycle.
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13. Pernot
- Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire 1908 moto à moteur keller dorian avec transmission Pernot (idem en 1910) A fourni des pédaliers à Automoto Adresse 13 rue Victor Hugo à Saint Chamond 1910 E. Savoye gérant 1920 aurait construit une moto 1 hp et des cycles
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14. Peugeot C2HP 1903
Average speed on the level 50 kph. Retail price 850 francs
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15. Peugeot P53
Page 10. 1939 1939 Peugeot P53 Motorcycle. 100cc with 3-speed hand-change gearbox
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16. Phanomen Motorcycles and Three-Wheelers
Vintage, Veteran, 30s, 40s and 50s from Sheldon's EMU
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17. Phänomen Gallery
Oldtimer picture gallery. c1935-c1940-, Mechanische Werke Cottbus, Zittau, Germany. Phänomen-Bob-Herren-Motorfahrrad, ?-1937-1939-?, 98cc 3hp Sachs, 12k (1937) and 15k 1937 poster Phänomen-Bob-30-Damen-Motorfahrrad, ?-1939-?, 98cc 3hp Sachs motor Phänomen 98 (M27 Herrenkraftfahrrad), ?-1936-?, 98cc 2,75hp Sachs motor, 102k photo
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18. Phillips Mopeds
Classic British Mopeds of the 1950s. Mopeds from Sheldon's EMU
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19. Phillips Whirlwind
In 1934, Wal Philips designed his very own engine, the "Phillips Whirlwind". Only two of these engines were ever built at the Blackburne Factory in Bookham, Surrey and were mounted in a Rudge Frame.
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20. Piat
- Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire 1947 adresse 22 cours Nadaud 1956 rayé des listes de la chambre syndicale du cycle Cyclomoteurs et cycles jusque vers 1959
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