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21. Picard Fayolle
- Cyclomoteurs et motos fabriqués dans la Loire Maison fondée en 1894 Armes Vers 1923 dépose des brevets (d'après Didier Mahistre) 1928 cycles Warranted (marque déposée) , machines à coudre Place St Roch, 42 Rue du Vernay à St Etienne 1947 adresse 42 Rue Martin Bernard à Saint Etienne Sarl au capital de 200 000 francs Armes, cycles
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22. Planet 1497cc 1916 Museum Victoria
This hand-made motor cycle was built by John Oliver who ran a motor car and motor cycle repair business in Melbourne. Oliver was born at Talbot in central Victoria in 1872 and served an apprenticeship to a wheelwright before becoming involved in the cycle business initially in New Zealand and then i ...
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23. Podkowa Motorcycles
Podkowa - Classic Polish Motorcycles
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24. Premeta Motorcycles
Premeta motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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25. PREMIER (1910 - 1913)
Premier was founded by Messrs. Hillman, Herbert and Cooper in Coventry, where they produced motorcycles since 1908. The Premier works moved shortly before 1 . World war to Eger and developed until 1930 to the largest motorcycle factory in Czechoslovakia...
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26. Premier 3 1.2HP Competition 1913
MuseoNicolis: Bought in Milan on 1913, it is still in excellent conservation, Premier 3 1.2HP Competition, Motorbikes, The collection 20140415
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27. Premier Cycle of Coventry
Photographs of a antique Coventry Premier Cycle Company classic motorcycle from the early 1900s with detailed photography.
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