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Royal Enfield Motorcycle Engine and Frame Numbers

1. frame numbers BritBike Forum
Ok so there has been quite a discussion about numbering of Royal Enfield frames . Here is another one . Recently Tom mentioned in the forum that some frames have a date stamped on the headstock on the opposite side of the serial number (timing side) . When he was here last weekend this sub…
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2. How to identify a Royal Enfield motorcycle
Update: The Royal Enfield motorcycle Thomas is trying to identify may not be entirely a product of Royal Enfield in England and it may not be a 1966 except for paperwork purposes. Here's a bit of insight just contributed by a UK reader:
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3. List of Royal Enfield motorcycles
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A list of motorcycles produced under the Royal Enfield brand by the original company, Enfield Manufacturing Company Ltd of Redditch, UK,[1] and its later incarnations, including the current company Royal Enfield Motors of Chennai, India:
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4. Machine Dating of Redditch built models
Royal Enfield Owners Club The despatch date of nearly all machines can be determined from the Redditch factory ledgers owned by the REOC. A machine dating certificate can be issued if the information supplied matches that in these ledgers.
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