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Silk Motorcycles - Classics built in the UK

1. Silk 700S Sabre MK 2 The Seventies was the decade of the Superbike. But British motorcycle builder George Silk believed that discerning riders would prefer a small, lightweight motorcycle with bags of torque, decent speed and race-bred handling — a modern version of his vintage Scott motorcycle. This philosophy led to development of the 1977 Silk 700S Sabre MK 2.
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2. Silk 700S: 1975-1979
It was an attractive motorcycle, but had a rather unusual-looking 656cc parallel twin leaning forward about 40 degrees, with liquid cooling and no fins on the alloy cylinder barrels.
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3. Silk Engineering
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4. Silk for sale at Bonhams
Bonhams' Banbury Run sale next weekend in Oxford has a little-known gem in the ranks, a true connoisseur's machine, and the end of a long line of English two-strokes. There was a time when most UK manufacturers had a 'smoker' in their lineup, even the esteemed Velocette built only quality two-stroke lightweights for many years before introducing their overhead-camshaft 'K' series in 1925.
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5. Silk Motorcycle Reference Page
Scott Owners' Club: Silk Motorcycle Reference Page
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6. Silk Motorcycles
British Vintage Motorcycle Manufacturers - Silk, Scott, Spondon
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