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Classic British Motorcycles - Sunbeam S7 & S8 Shaftdrive Motorcycles

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21. Sunbeam S8 Shed Discovery
'Kevin's found you a Sunbeam,' the good lady said as she waggled the telephone handset at me, 'but do you really need another motorbike?' Her final words fell on deaf ears. A Sunbeam? For eighteen months I had been looking for a Sunbeam S7 to rebuild, dismissing many shiny but suspect examples that started at £2000.
- Classic Bike Review -
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22. Sunbeams on the Isle of Guernsey
pictures were supplied my Mr Paul Kilminster who also supplied the following information about Sunbeams that were sent to Guernsey.
Sunbeam motorcycles made by B.S.A. at Redditch England. From dispatch records of the Sunbeam factory.
Page includes Sunbeam serial numbers
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23. The Sunbeam Motorcycle
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24. The Sunbeam Owners Fellowship
The club for Sunbeam S7 and S8 motorcycles since 1962
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25. The SUNBEAM side-valve
Sunbeam motor cycles are delights of mechanical engineering; the Sunbeam side-valves no exception. The most sporting version of the side-valve was rivalled for speed only by the equivalent Norton of the 1920s, although the 'Beam had the edge! Throughout the 1920s Sunbeam justifiably advertised it as the fastest 3 hp side-valve motor cycle supplied as standard to the public .
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