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41. Velocette Technical Information
The Velocette Parts Numbers THE VELO TECH DATABASE Wiring Diagrams Velocette Magazine Articles Directory
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42. Velocette Technical Site
Velocette Technical Site by David Gibbison In rebuilding my first Velo (started in 1973, finished in 1996), I became frustratingly aware of a need for easily accessible technical information, none of which could be found in one document. Typically I would look in the Red Book, parts list, Burgess and Burris Velocette books, not to mention the wealth of information contained in Fishtail. Therefore I started to document as much pertinent technical information as I could lay my hands on.
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43. Velocette trip Australia 1922
Great story from Greg Summerton, about an attempted Velocette trip across Australia in 1922; the bike is probably a Velocette GC3 'Colonial' model 225cc two-stroke! A very light machine, and sophisticated with throttle-controlled oil injection, and a 3 speed gearbox. Was it up to the job?
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44. Velocette Venom 1969 Review
Velocette Venom 1969 - Classic Bike Review -
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45. Venom Thruxton -
Memorable MC: Venom Thruxton -
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46. Vorkriegs-Teilemarkt Germany
The market for used parts for bicycles, motorcycles, Cars and other vehicles from the years to 1938
Venue: Borsigstrasse, 63755 Alzenau, near Frankfurt.

Vorkriegs-Teilemarkt, gebrauchte Teile f�r Oldtimer und Fahrzeuge vor 1938 im Raum Aschaffenburg Alzenau

Teileb�rse,Oldtimer im Raumf Aschaffenburg-Alzenau,j�hrlicher Markt f�r gebrauchte teile f�r oldtimer vorwiegend vorkriegsmodelle vor baujahr 1938

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47. World's Fastest Velocette
Welcome to our website dedicated to Velocette / British Single and Salt racing
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