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Rotax Engines and Rotax-powered Motorcycles and Snowmobiles

1. BRP-Rotax
Rotax Factory homepage
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2. Force Motorcycles - Rotax
Force Motorcycles specialise in the supply of spares / parts for Harley-Davidson military motorcycles (Harley, Davidson MT350 (UK), MT500 (USA), CCM Armstrong MT500). We also provide Rotax spares for the MT 350, 500 & CCM ex army bikes. All parts are fully searchable by part number and the parts name. All Parts refer to the MT Parts Order Book / Manual.
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3. Rotax Motorcycle Engines
Why do the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers choose only ROTAX 2- and 4-stroke engines? For the simple reason that before ROTAX started supplying top-of-the-line motorcycle engines in the early 1980s, it has started building LOHNER scooter engines ever since the 1950. Striving for maximum performance and outstanding reliability, one only has to take a look at the this innovative history of BRP-Rotax.
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4. Rotax Type 486
The Rotax Type 486 is a titan of an engine. Upon its arrival on the scene in 1983, it was as good as anything made of its type. It was a dirt bike powerhouse
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5. Rotax-powered motorcycles
Photos of Puch, SWM, Armstrong, Kramer, Portal and other Rotax-engined motorcycles.
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