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Suzuki Bandit GSF600, GSF1200

1. 2000 Bandit 600 Review
The front fork remains a 41mm non-adjustable piece, but the progressive spring rate was increased from 8.8 - 17.7 N/mm (Newton-meter per millimeter) to 9.81 - 19.62 N/mm with increased damping rates. Due to these new changes, Suzuki was able to reduce the oil level in each leg from 97mm to 112mm (measured from the top of the fork tubes) in order to keep fork performance as consistent as possible.
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2. 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200S Review
The design goal for the new Bandit was to, "maintain the Bandit's originality and distinctive character while refining performance and features." There was a paradox created in the execution of these parameters in that the design team wanted not only sportier performance, but a comfortable ride as well; the two of which rarely, if ever, go hand in hand.
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3. Bandit 1200S on test
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4. SUZUKI BANDIT 1200 (2000)
Suzuki Bandit 1200 (2000)
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5. Suzuki Bandit 1200 Test Review - MCNEWS.COM.AU
A GSX-R 1100 derived 4-cylinder engine of 1,157-cc capacity supplies plenty of relaxed grunt everywhere in the rev-range. Gas it in first and the front starts rising before the tacho has passed four grand. Four Mikuni carburettors supply the unleaded to the 16-valve donk via a 19-litre fuel tank that accepts a magnetic tankbag readily.
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6. Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit
Black, bold and menacing this is a machine that demands attention and respect. A combination of in-line 4 cylinder dohc 98 bhp block matched with a superb chassis and genuinely comfortable riding position
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