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Suzuki Motorcycles of the 60's and 70's - Twostroke singles, twins and triples

1. SUZUKI TM250 1968
The 1st Japanese Motocross bike! In 1966 the Suzuki Factory sent two engineers and a road racer to Europe to begin developing a motocross bike. Though a single cylinder and a twin were tested, they soon settled on a single cylinder design that was heavily influenced by the 1965 CZ Twin Port model.
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2. Suzuki TM400 - 1971
The American motocross market met the TM400 with much anticipation and excitement. After all, Suzuki had just won the 250cc World Championship with Joel Robert and the 500cc World Championship with Roger DeCoster. Customers expected a production machine similar to the championship machines.
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3. suzuki2strokeclub
suzuki 2stroke club about all suzuki's twostrokes
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