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1. Buying Bikes Abroad (UK site)
Rough guide of (UK) bikers wanting to buy bikes in other countries. .....So, first order of the day is to have a good look at the UKRM and UKRMC FAQ and digest the advice for buying bikes there. Nothing there has changed, in fact you probably want to be even more vigilant then you would be when buying a bike in the UK.
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2. Historic Motorcycle Registrations SA
The home page of the Veteran and Vintage MCC of South Autralia
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3. Historic Registration ACT
Official club web site for the Veteran Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club of ACT, AUSTRALIA
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4. How can I register an old motorcycle with no title or certificate of origin
It is a 1971 bike that has never been registered.
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5. Register your vehicle and identity checks : Directgov UK
The procedure and documents required to register your vehicle To register a vehicle for the first time at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) local office you will need to present documentation to confirm your identity.
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6. Registering a custom motorcycle -- Chopper Surplus
Registering a custom bike
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7. Unofficial DMV Guide (USA)
Nationwide DMV Guide. DMV information on licensing, registration & titling, forms, locations & hours, phone numbers, and other common DMV answers.
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