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1. Bananas & Balloons
True inspirational stories of motorcycling adventures, from a lady rider's perspective. Author Hilda Hatter - TMRA 16950 - has written "Outdoor Roundup," a monthly article, for Daimler's Folly since 1992.
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2. Chessie's Tales, Motorcycles and Rides
Chessie is a woman whose blog has been noticed/acclaimed by such entities as Iron Works & Clutch and Chrome. Chessie writes about her travels through DIXIE. With photos and colorful words, you find yourself riding along with Chess
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3. Femmoto Womens Track Day
Women's only track day presented by:
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First and ONLY motorcycle website created by females designed for EVERYONE, hoping to inspire you to GET YOUR OWN BIKE!
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5. Helmet Hair
an online magazine to inform and inspire the female motorcycle fan.
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6. I Ride My Own
A motorcycling site dedicated to the ladies of the world who RIDE THEIR OWN!
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7. LadyBiker
promoting women in motorcycling worldwide
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Roadgypsy, motorcyclist of 25 years,freelance writer and musician shares her experiences, published articles and photographs. Links, amputee resource pages and more.
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9. The Women at the ISDT « Speed Track Tales
Women Motorcyclists may not have been plentiful but they have taken a noticeable part of the ISDT throughout it’s history into the ISDE. Although a press article on the page dedicated to the 1913 ISDT demonstrates the ACU’s then aborr for woemn by indicating they were not eligible to compete it is clear within a few years that a dedicated section within the ACU had become established and the riders were well respected competitors although sometimes in a condescending way which still given the sentimentalities of the inter war years saw a lot of resistence by wider society to may aspects of womens rights within society.
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Vicki's personal journal of experiences, happenings and views within my lifestyle as a professional female motorcycle rider, racer and instructor.
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11. VTwin Mama
Women with Motorcycles Share Insights. Rather dated presentation but reasonable forum.
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12. Women & Motorcycling Conference
The International Women & Motorcycling Conference, presented by the American Motorcyclist Association
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13. Women's School Of Motocross
Women's School Of Motocross August 2, 2004 I am totally out of commission for a minimum of 9 months.
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n the "Legends" section You will find profiles of the women racers who made names for themselves while paving the way to what is know as today's women's motocross racing. This section is reserved for female racers whom have major racing accomplishments on record, most of which date back at least 10 years or more.
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