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Classic Motorcycles E: Egli, Excelsior, Ellehamer, ESO and more

Excelsior USA
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21. Everready Autoped 1919
Several images
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22. Eysink 1934 98cc
D.H. Eysink started in 1886 an engineering company in the Dutch town of Amersfoort. Soon the production of bicycles was taken up and in the early years of the 20th century Eysink, together with the Amsterdam-based Simplex firm, became a leading Dutch manufacturer of motorcycles...
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23. Eysink 1938 Jubileum
Several photographs
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24. The Swedish ERM
The ERM pictures above are of the MK2 that rolled off the production lines in 1976. However, an earlier MK1 model had been built as early as 1974 and was proven to be very successful when ridden by Christer Lofqvist to eigth place in the World Final of that year. From
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