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41. Rupp Centaur History
Rupp was an American company that was operated out of Mansfield, Ohio and owned by a Mr. Mick Rupp. The company started in early 1970 or 1971. They produced a multitude of machines including Snowmobiles such as the Nitro and Magnum, also Dirt Bikes like the Enduro.
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42. Rupp Motorcycles
Rupp motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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43. RuppBikes.Com Special Interest Web Site
dedicated to remembering the American Classic Minibike from the 1970's and the memory of Joseph Valenti.
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44. Rush Motorcycles
Rush - Vintage - Classic Belgian Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU
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45. RUT
(1923 - 1924) Herstellung einfacher 132 cm3 Zweitaktmaschinen mit au├čenliegender Schwungscheibe.
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46. Rytecraft 1936 Scootacar
Microcar The Rytecraft Scootacar was apparently designed and produced Jack Shillan. It had conventional styling but in miniature mimicking Vauxhalls and later Chrysler Airflows.
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express mopeds, called Radexi not Radex late 1952 early 1953, was constructed by Express a moped - the Radexi I. Equipped with a specially developed engine - see Radexi engines...
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