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1. BMW airhead motorcycle cylinders and studs, shims, sealants, Nikasil, Galnikal
BMW airhead motorcycle cylinders, stud, studs, iron, Nikasil, Galnikal, boring, honing, shims, sealants
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2. BMW Airhead motorcycle Oil Coolers by Snowbum, Snobum
installation of BMW Airhead motorcycle oil coolers
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3. BMW Airhead ratcheting gas cap
What to do when your ratcheting BMW gas cap won't stop ratcheting.
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4. BMW Bearings Crossreference
BMW part number | Size & type OD x ID x Length | Bearing number
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5. BMW boxer engined motorcycle model differences
model differences, BMW Airhead motorcycles
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6. BMW Boxer R bike spline lube approach
Becasue of a transmission failure I dissassembled my GS at about 45K miles. The failure was the front output shaft bearing. On dissasembly of the bike I aslo determined the rear u-joint was notchy in one plane, so I removed the clutch disk and cleaned everything thouroughly, especially the spline which was quite dry, even though it was lubed the previous year.
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7. BMW Boxer R90 REBUILD
A few years ago I rebuilt my R90/6. Being the obsessive/compulsive that I am, I wrote a complete "how to" piece which may be of interest to anyone contemplating a similar project.
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8. BMW by Duane Ausherman
Dictionary of BMW related terms, very popular What does this /2, /3, /5, /6 or /7 really mean? What does BMW stand for? Just for fun. Yank to Brit speak automotive terms translated. More...
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9. BMW Fasteners
These are some nuts and bolts used on BMWs. Nothing special except they are usually decent quality and available a phone call away. Shaded rows indicate obsolete part numbers, but this is subject to constant change.
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10. BMW high speed wobbles
It is now well known that the early /5 had a problem with stability. In short, many wobbled. It was injuring and killing people, BMW had lawsuits from many countries. This isn't the place for the long story about this issue, so I will only skim over it as it pertains to this article.
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11. BMW K-bike mechanical history
BMW K75/K100 model changes
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12. BMW K75
Anton Largiader's K75RT
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13. BMW Models List at Motobins
Chronological listing of most BMW motorcycles.
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14. BMW motorcycle bent fin repair
If a fin breaks off, keep it and when the head has to go in for machine work, include the piece of fin for welding. Some of these guys are so good that once welded on, ground and blasted, you can't tell where the seam is.
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BMW motorcycle identification VIN numbers
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16. BMW motorcycle Engine specifications
, compression ratio, rpm, horsepower, intake exhaust valve, seat diameter, piston skirt clearance, seat angles, valve springs, rocker shaft clearance, cam followers, lift, grudgeon pin, wrist pin, OD, piston size diamet
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17. BMW motorcycle fork lock
, steering, removal, replacement, Neimann
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18. BMW motorcycle frame alignment test
, string alignment, straighten bent frame, jig
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19. BMW motorcycle gas tanks
, fuel, master cylinder, cap, toaster tank, touring tank, large, 4.5, 6 gallon,
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20. BMW motorcycle hardware
BMW motorcycle hardware
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