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41. BMW R1200S and ST Base Runs and Comparisons With Older Models
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42. BMW R51/3
A BMW R51/3 plunger frame bike
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43. BMW Reliability
BMW motorcycle, R60/2 vs. the R69, R69S Reliability
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44. BMW Roundels
BMW Car and Motorcycle Badges In the early part of the 1900's, there was a company called Rapp Motorenwerke (started in 1913). The company was started by Karl Rapp, and it made aircraft engines. It's own design was not very reliable, and they needed something to do, so they began making engines for Daimler.
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45. BMW Stroke 2 restorers details
This page is about the models from the early 50's to the late 60's. Including the R25, R25/2, R25/3, R51/2, 51/3, R67, R67/2, R67/3, R68, R26, R50, R60, R69, R27, R50/2, R60/2, R50S, R69S, R50US, R60/US and the R69US.
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46. BMW torque tips
, wrench, nuts, bolts, tightening, methods
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47. BMW VIN Decoder
BMW VIN Decoder
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48. Cafe Beemer BMW Airhead Technical Articles
A collection of technical ramblings and articles blogline 17/08/11 Measuring compression ratio - method 1 (With a confounding result.) 17/08/11 Measuring compression ratio - method 2 (I don't think anyone else has done it this way!) 20/08/09 Some notes on beancan mods for dual plugging - Part 2 08/08/09 Some notes on beancan mods for dual plugging - Part 1 09/07/09 Have I found some warts? 07/07/09 Dellorto's and the air/fuel mixture curve 29/06/09 Comparison of spark timing curves for dual plugged airhead engines
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49. changing the range of a torque wrench, use of extensions
Increasing the range of a torque wrench
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50. Chemicals, waxes, oils, Loctite, for use with BMW motorcycles
Chemicals, Loctite, waxes, oils, greases, additives
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51. Classic BMW  K bike Coolant Change and reducing heat in the fuel tank and on the rider
Changing coolant and reducing fuel tank heat in BMW K-bikes, K1, K75, K100, K1100
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52. COLD Weather Starting of BMW motorcycles
Starting Airhead motorcycle in cold weather
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53. Crossover tube on R11xx fuel tank
Installing a crossover tube on a GS tank
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54. Deep oil pan
BMW motorcycle, extended, pan gasket
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55. R259 Technicalities
Bar Backs *New* Resistor Tuning Re Keying Cases Brake Vibration Fix Kaoko Cruise Control GS-911 Diagnostic GS-911 to PC by Bluetooth California Scientific Screen, GPS...
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56. Fairing repair
Repairing BMW fiberglass fairings
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57. Fix for Loose Handlebars
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58. Formulas & Conversion Factors, BMW motorcycles
conversion formulas for BMW motorcycle enthusiasts
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59. GBB2Beemer
BMW motorcycles
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60. German vehicle technical words
German technical words useful for BMW motorcyclists
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