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1. Breva 1100 ownership
Homepage looking at the various Moto Guzzi models I have owned (plus BMW and Ducati). I currently ride a new Breva 1100.
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2. Guzzi Breva Weblog: Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 test ride at Mandello
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3. Moto Guzzi Breva 750
...The whole package looked very well finished and put together, and considering the bike was first registered nearly 12 months previously, there were no signs of corrosion on the fasteners and fittings and everything looked to be in almost showroom condition.
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4. Moto Guzzi Breva 750 2005
The Breva 750 is a new model that inherits the charisma of past models and combines it with current technology. Drawing on its heritage, 744cc 90-degree V-Twin motor is mounted longitudinally, or across-the-frame, which gives this Guzzi a unique and peculiar side-to-side throb unlike any motorcycle I've experienced.
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5. Moto Guzzi Breva 750V IE
Moto Guzzi Breva 750V IE - Modern Classic Bike Review -
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