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1. 15. The Model 70 « The Invalid Carriage Register
The invalid three-wheeler reached its zenith in June 1971 with the introduction of the Model 70, which replaced both the fibreglass AC Acedes and the Invacar Mk 12. Although produced jointly by bot...
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2. BRP Can-Am Spyder 2008 article
- Previews - Car and Driver February 2007 A new type of vehicle promises motorcycle thrills without the pain. Three-wheelers are not new. The British company Morgan got its start almost 100 years ago with a trike that drivers sat in and drove more or less like a car. The Spyder pilot, however, straddles a motorcycle-like seat and turns the two front wheels with handlebars.
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3. Invacar
In 1948 the English motorcycle enthusiast Bert Greeves adapted a motorbike with the help of Derry Preston-Cobb as transport for his paralysed cousin and Invacar Ltd. was born. It's the AC and Thundersley Invacars which are the most famous versions of the 3-wheeled invalid carriages but as the Virtualgaz team explains, the first invalid carriages resembled nothing more than three-wheeled tubs.*
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4. The Invalid Carriage Register
*9. Invacar Ltd THE EARLY INVACAR’S 1947-1952 When the first machines of Bert Greeves and Derry Preston-Cobb’s Invacar Ltd took to the roads in March 1947, they were hailed as the industry’s greatest leap forward technologically since the first powered vehicles of the 1920s, due to each vehicle being tailored to suit the individual, something the industry had not really done to any great extent before.
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