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1. Classic European Sidecars
Classic European Sidecars - British, German, French and Italian Motorcycle Combinations from Sheldon's EMU
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2. EML and EZS sidecars
Photos and tech on EML sidecars, including an early advertising brochure. PLUS: A step by step how-to article regarding suspension parts overhaul. Technical information on the early GT2 (two front hinges) and late model GT2 (single front hinge) Many technical items may be correct for earlier models such as Tour-T, ETC.
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3. EML sidecar tops
Various EML tops I have seen or gathered photos on. It may be added to from time to time. At the end of these snapshots, will be found a section with photos of my own K1100LT-EML and its custom-made top, and SOME details of its construction. A very considerable amount of effort was put into weatherproofing the installation.
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4. EZS EML steering dampener
EZS steering dampener 'rubber bellows'...that lower rubber sleeve, ...tend to crack from age and sun exposure. It will then leak oil. The rubber part is available from EZS (in Holland, only), but is VERY pricey. You also need Oetiker clamp pliers and the two Oetiker clamps to install it, although sturdy nylon zips will work OK (but can bunch up and cause leaks).
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5. FLEXIT leaner sidecar
e Flexit Sidecar Owners Group (FSOG) is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and perpetuation of all of the surviving Flexit sidecars ever produced. Perhaps only 200 were built. Primary objectives of this group include, but are not limited to: Flexit owners support, historical research, parts identification and sources of supply, front & rear mounting bracket build procedures and installation, service & handling trolleys (SHTs), history and any other consideration that helps to keep as many Flexits as possible in service, on the road, and visible to the public. The site states that their primary asset will be freely shared Flexit information
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6. Globe GS200 Sidecar
The Globe GS200 sidecar was made in India in the 1960s as a contemporaneous licensed copy of the Steib LS200. The small size allows a torquey BMW R60/2 to pull it smartly with the solo final drive ratio. This saves considerable cost and allows the bike to be ridden as a solo bike by merely dropping the sidecar.
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7. Komiyama Sidecars Japan
Models include: K1500 K1000 K700 K400 K300 K200 K100
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8. Military Sidecars at Sidestrider
...they feed you, house you, clothe you, let you ride your sidecar outfit all day and then on top of all this give you a paycheck! Some people just get life figured out sooner.
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9. Motorcycle Carrier
"Motorcycle Carrier For Dirtbike, Sportbike or Sportster."
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10. Sidecar and Trike Resources List
There are other manuals, etc., available from various sources, such as the is called Driving a Sidecar Outfit...often called the Yellow Manual. There is also one that was a translation from German that has a lot more technical information, called "Riding with a Sidecar". This was translated and is available in America.....THAT...and some other quite valuable additional materials is available from Hal Kendall....who has a LOT of information (4 manuals) available on ONE CD he produced...which UPDATES that manual....or, better said, is the updated manual. This CD is entitled: Sidecar Manual, Sidecar Operator Manual, Sidecar Catalog, Riding with a Sidecar.
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11. Sidecar Archives
Tony Folwell on a G45 Matchless at Brands Hatch 1959 Photographer: John Ives, 640 x 251 Triumph Norton Special, Near Dover, 1962 Photographer: John Ives, 600 x 483
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12. Sidecar Motocross Racing - WorldWide
"wild sidecar racing and crash photos, race schedules, results, team profiles, news, and much more..."
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13. The good points, the bad points, an overview of sidecaring
Article reads like this: "... will want to GO THE OTHER WAY! If carried to QUITE AN EXTREME; where the sidecar wheel is QUITE far up in the air..."
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14. United Sidecar Association
We are the United Sidecar Association, an independent, not-for-profit organization of deverse (sic) people from all walks of life who share a common interest ó motorcycles with sidecars. The USCA was founded in 1976 in the Chicago area, but has grown to include members throughout the USA, Canada, and, in fact, throughout the world
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15. Unofficial GGduetto Page
Description of the GG duetto sidecar: its history and its specifications
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16. Ural Gear-Up Sidecars
Despite its obvious military heritage, the URAL Gear-Up is equally fit for more peaceful missions, such as fishing or hunting trips. Just like its cousin, the Patrol, with its on-demand sidecar drive, Gear-Upís origins trace back to the military past of the Ural motorcycle family. The Gear-Up combination is as tough as a Russian AK-47!
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17. Uralmoto Ltd.
Russian Motorcycle importer for the United Kingdom, bikes from £3245.00, spares, accessories and technical information available
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18. Wasp Motorcycles
wasp motorcycles have been building off road outfits since 1963. they still build them today as well as solo frames and disabled sidecars
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