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1. Florida Sidecar Products - Sidecar Manuals 
JAWA / Velorex Sidecar owners  manual in stock now. It is an e-book in PDF form and 108 pages long with 79 pictures and diagrams. It is on CD or I can e-mail it if you need it fast. California Sidecar Friendship III, FS I
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2. Sidecar Fitting Basics
Sidecar Fitting The Basic Measurements Sidecar wheel lead;-The distance straight forward from the rear axle of the bike to the sidecar wheel spindle is known as the lead. The value can be anything from zero on some vintage outfits to as much as 50 cm. As lead is increased the weight distribution improves until a point is reached where the steering becomes too heavy and tyre wear becomes excessive. A good compromise will usually be found between 15 and 35 cm. It is not critical and may in any case be dictated by where the fittings can be positioned. Here you can see I have used a straight edge, which was placed, on motorcycle centre of axle at 90 degrees and measured from straight edge to the sidecar wheel axle or spindle the value on this set up is 36cm
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