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Collections of Classic, Vintage & Veteran Motorcycles in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Russia

1. Czech cycling museum
První české muzeum cyklistiky - Něco úvodem
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2. Czech Motomuseum
Located on the Austrian border not far from Brno.
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3. Czech republic - Velo museums
Mostly bicycle museums listed here, but some of these display motorcycles and automobiles also. Includes images of the museums.
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4. JAWA motorcycle Museum of Konopiště
At present it is possible to see altogether about 200 motorcycles and other exhibits in both the Museums. The Museum of Konopiště is also the official factory museum of the JAWA brand.
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5. Museum of Historical Motorcycles CZ
Kašperské Hory, CZ with around 60 motorcycles. Further 40 machines (including historical bicycles) are placed in the subsidiary of the museum in Bečov nad Teplou.
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6. Museums Russia
Detailed information about any Russian museum. The official list of russian museums based on museum survey. Information daily renewed, more than 3000 museums listed.
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7. Muzej Motociklov Vransko Slovenia
Over 100 motorcycles are in exhibit, from world famous makes to rare and precious examples from the twenties, like the Indian Scout and the Ner-a-Car, several ARIEL, BSA, AJS, GUZZIs and others and, from 1937, a four cylinder INDIAN 437. Military motorcycles include Welbike Villiers (paratroopers bike) Harley- Davidson WLA NSU Kettenkraftrad HK-101 with flak Moto-Guzzi Alce NSU Pretis (Yugoslavian army outfit) Zundapp KS750 with MG34
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8. Muzeum dopravy Bratislava
Road transport represents a collection of the first vehicles with or without motor bicycles, cars and lorries from the interwar period to vehicles from 60th and 70 of the 20th century.
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9. Muzeum historických motocyklů - Úvodní stránka
Muzeum historických motocyklů - Expozice historických motocyklů Kašperské hory, Železná Ruda, Bečov nad Teplou
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10. National Technical Museum CZ
Národní technické muzeum
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11. Veteran Bazar & Muzeum Czech Republic
Collection of bikes and cars for sale Chotusice near Čáslav, 80 km from Prague Postcode 285 76, Phone & Fax : +420 327 399248 CZECH REPUBLIC
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12. Zamek Luhov
A bicycle collection in a stunning castle. Motorcycles not obvious on website except for a rare a beautiful DOHC Praga parked in the grounds. Czech Republic.
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