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Museum Collections of Classic, Vintage & Veteran Motorcycles in Switzerland

1. Pantheon Basel - Schweizer Forum für Oldtimer
The cars are exhibited on a 250m long spiral ramp which rises impressively around the open central well. A visit to the Pantheon in Basle is a fascinating stroll through the history of the motor vehicle. No mention of motorcycles on the site.
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2. Saurer Museum
The new museum was established on 1 SOUR Formally opened in May 2010. At 11:00 of the clock could Arbon city Ammann Klöti with the OCS President Ruedi Baer explained the museum together as opened. In the presence of sponsors, club members and representatives from politics and economy. SAURER Berna Lastwagen Vintage truck Oldtimer Diesel Textil Car Postauto Stickmaschine Webmaschine Arbon Bodensee There is no mention of motorcycles on the website.
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3. Schweizerisches Festungsmuseum Reuenthal
Festungsmuseum Reuenthal, Schweizerisches Militärmuseum Full: zwei Museen - eine Geschichte - Military Museum.
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4. Swiss Transportation Museum Lucerne
Lucerne - Swiss Transportation Museum: This lakefront museum complex has it all--trains, planes, automobiles, boats, a planetarium, a 360-degree panoramic movie tour of Switzerland, and an IMAX theater.
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