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1. TwistingAsphalt (Featured)
A Ducati based Blog out of Southern California
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2. Accueil Ducatistes
French site covering a large range of Ducati models. Well laid out despite frames, but navigation sometimes difficult.
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3. Carls Place - Ducati & Moto Rumi
My friends know I'm a definite DUCATI motorcycle fan. Although I have to admit that "just riding" is most important to me, the machine still makes a big difference.
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4. Ciao Ducatisti
The one and only Ducati site!
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5. loudbike
loudbike is a blog about loud, fast, rare Italian motorcycles and the people who ride them with reckless abandon on racetracks around the world.
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Photos, information and articles about Ducati's and other European and Exotic motorcycles.
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Pierre-Paul Andriani, Industrial Designer, Ducati enthusiast Southfield, MI
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