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Ducati Bevel Twins & Singles, Two Strokes and Early Machines

Ducati Bevel Twins
Ducati Singles
1. Road and Race Ducati - Italian Motorcycle Spare Parts Specialists (Featured)
European Classic Ducati Motorcycles specialist. Enormous range of new and used parts for Ducati and other Italian motorcycles - exhausts, wheels, forks, racing parts, engine components, replica fiberglass and stainless. Central Coast, NSW Australia
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2. DUCATI 450RT DESMO (1971)
Ducati sprung to life by making a small bicycle engine to transport the war-ravaged Italian citizens. In 1946, the Cucciolo (little puppy) engine was originally sold in a box to be attached to a bicycle. Before WWII, Ducati had produced radio tubes and condensers, but thanks to the Cucciolo’s success, Ducati became a name brand motorcycle manufacturer. By 1954, Ducati was producing 120 bikes a day. Even more momentous in ’54 was the arrival of engineer Fabio Taglioni. Taglioni’s big idea was to control valve float by having the valves positively opened and closed without using valve springs. The main benefit of his desmodromic system was the prevention of valve float. Valve float can cause a catastrophic collision between the piston and valve or, at the very least, create poor valve seal. The desmodromic system eliminates valve float by using dual rocker arms on each valve (one for opening and one for closing the valve). The Ducati 450 R/T was the first and only motocross bike to be outfitted with desmodromic valves.
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3. Ducati Gallery
Ducati Motorcycles - Image Gallery of Classic Italian Motorcycles from Sheldon's EMU.
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4. Ducati Motorcycles
Ducati Motorcycles - Owners and clubs, parts resources, images, links to technical articles...
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5. loudbike - Vintage Ducati Parts
New Original Stock spares for Ducati Bevel Drive Twins, Bevel Drive Singles, 2V Belt Drive Twins and some early 4V Belt Drive Twins.
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