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Magnetos and Flywheel Magnetos for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles

1. BT-H Magnetos Ltd
The magneto has been around for a long time generating sparks for people that didn't want to rely on a battery and charging system. In the categories below you will find more about the quality units that BT-H Magnetos Ltd manufacture. Our units still provide that much valued independent ignition combined with advances in modern electronics.
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2. BT-H magnetos, manufacture of motor cycle parts and accesories
BT-H Magnetos Ltd, manufacturers of BT-H self generating magneto ignition systems. New replacement magnetos for tired Lucas units on vintage and classic bikes. BT-H is often called just BTH, no hyphen. CNC machining and development. Design and manufacture of motorcycle parts and accessories.
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3. Dynamo and ignition systems for classic motorcycles - Germany
Replacement systems for dynamo and ignition systems of classic (historic) motorcycles from Adler to Zündapp.
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4. Hot Tube Ignition for Antique Gas Engines
There are a few different types of flame ignition but the Crossley at Coolspring works something like this: A sliding plate in the cylinder head has a machined chamber...
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5. Independent Ignition Supplies UK - Magneto repairers
Classic Vintage Magneto Ignition Supplies - Specialist magneto repairers and component suppliers. Order via our On-Line Catalogue. Catering for all types of low and high-tension ignition systems made between 1896 and the mid-1950s.
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6. Kamp Wikkeltechniek
restauratie en revisie van licht- en ontstekingssystemen van oldtimers
a company that specializes in winding coils and the reconditioning or restoration of parts of the electrical system, especially classic motorcycles, cars, tractors and mopeds.
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7. Magneto Ignition for Antique Gas Engines
A collective diatribe of tales and tribulations on maintaining a HOT blue spark in your gas engine ignition with low and high tension coils, ignitors, condensers, magnetos and magnet charging. Includes info on Wico magnetos
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8. Magneto Magician UK
Offering a comprehensive service for both Magneto and Trembler Coil repairs
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9. Magneto Repair and Parts
Miscellaneous Ignition Parts | Webster Magneto | Wico "EK" | Bosch AB-33 | F/M Type 'J' | IHC 'H-1' | WICO 'H'&'AH' John Deere
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10. Magneto Repairs
"Peter Scott Motorcycles - Magneto Repairs. Specialist in Lucas, BTH, Splitdorf and other magnetos, magdynos, dynamos and vintage motocycle electrics."
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11. Magneto : restoring and rewinding magnetos in the UK
Magneto Repairs : we rewind and restore magnetos for vintage, veteran and classic cars in the UK.
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12. Mainely Magnetos by Belanger's Auto Electric
We rebuild Wico, Fairbanks Morse, International Harvester, American Bosch, Eisemann, Robert Bosch, Simms, Dixie, Lucas... Please note that we do not rebuild aircraft magnetos and none of our parts or services are approved for use in the aviation industry. We do however rebuild magnetos for cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, and stationary engines.
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13. Rudge Motorcycle Specialists - Peter Scott Motorcycles
Peter Scott Motorcycles - Rudge Specialists and Rudge Motorcycle Club Representative Australia.
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