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Aftermarket Frames and Chassis Components

1. 1000VX Club de France
Special frames for Honda CB750 including Martin, Japauto, Niko Bakker, Seeley...
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2. Bakker Frames
For over 30 years Bakker FrameBouw has been building special motorcycles to the customers wishes, but Bakker Frames doesn't just build motorcycles. We are also specialised in cnc-cutting, several welding-techniques en repairing and restoring motorcycles.
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3. Club Automobile Martin
Le Club Automobile Martin rassemble les amateurs d'autos et motos de marque Martin vendues en kit (seven, ttm gm0, cobra, ttm gm1, gt40, ttm gm3, tilbury, sms, moto martin).
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4. Dave Degens Dresda Tritons and Triumph Tuning
Dresda Autos and Dave Degens are TRITONS. Triumph Engines in Norton Frames but now specially made frames for high performance Triumph engines. Tritons made to order
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5. DHOLDA Belgium
Honda special frames and performance parts
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6. Faber Frames - motorcycle frames, engines and racing accessories
Motorcycle Frames, Racing Accessories, Engine tuning, for Classic Road Racing ,Trials and Scrambles.
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7. GIA Bespoke Aluminium Motorcycle Frame-Kits
20 Years at Spondon Engineering. Top Quality Bespoke Engineering. Big Tube 7020 Aluminium Frame Kits
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8. Harris Performance
The Harris company designs, develops, manufactures and markets road and racing motorcycle chassis and components that are marketed in the UK and exported worldwide.
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9. Japauto Moto
Le premier concessionnaire Honda en France.
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10. Seeley Honda
...after a short visit in Formula 1, developing chassis for Brabham, he decided to go back into motorcycle business, developing a chassis for the mostly sold japanese 4-cylinder.
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11. Seeley Honda Register
302 Seeley Honda chassis were built by Colin Seeley between May 1975 and sometime in 1978.
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