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Technical articles on Motorcycle Chains - pitch, length, applications, camchains, primary chains and drive chains.

1. Chain specifications
Did you know that the bush roller chain was first patented and manufactured by Hans Renold in 1879?
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2. Chain_and_sprocket
Changing your gearing Standard gearing for most bikes Determining the pitch of a chain The Complete Guide to Chain
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3. The Complete Guide to Chain
The Complete Guide to Chain provides a comprehensive reference for chains used in power transmission and conveyance applications. Everything from the basics of chain, through to specific industrial applications of its use are detailed.
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4. Wemoto - Chain Dimensions
A motorcycle chain comprises two precision ground pins peened at each end as a rivet, two bushes, two rollers and two side plates. A further pair of outer side plates join each link to the next link. In O ring chain a round seal is fitted on the pin between the plates to retain lubricant.
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